Grim future for business grade ISPs?

See Article:¬†Users abandon telcos for international calls It was only yesterday that I was estimating ISP Retailers would be worse off under the NBN. Now don’t get me wrong, competition is a good thing, but if my prediction holds true, it will be simply another dagger in the heart of many hard working ISP business… View Article

Optus falls in line

See Article: Optus targets NBN wireless fans and fibre critics Optus are known to be in talks with the Government to get a payout to transfer their customers to the NBN. It looks like the negotiations are nearing a head – it seems like Conroy has asked Krishnapillai, to publically praise the NBN and attempt… View Article

NBN Holding Australia Back

See Article: Comcast Internet to hit 305Mbps, 5 megabits faster than Verizon FiOS While NBNCo snails through towns and cities, deploying overpriced infrastructure for overpriced internet subscription, the US has private companies pushing the 300Mbps boundaries. But shock horror! On cable (HFC)? Additionally, Comcast is doubling the speed of two existing Internet tiers (at no… View Article

Breathing space for Wireless

See Article: Bold plan: opening 1,000 MHz of federal spectrum to WiFi-style sharing It’s seems once politicians make a decision, they are wedlocked to it, no matter what reasoning or evidence. They appear to prefer to save face. They believe that Fibre to The Home is urgent, despite the higher monthly cost for consumers and… View Article

Beggining of the End?

See Article: National Broadband Network could cost $50bn, with returns at risk CAPITAL spending on the National Broadband Network will top $50 billion and slower-than-expected development of digital video content could put at risk the financial returns for the ultra-fast network, a confidential report to Labor states. Of course I assumed that something like this… View Article

Government-delayed report reveals major problems

See Article: Consultants, lawyers, contractors: All aboard the NBN gravy train Everyone not wearing rose-coloured glasses with even a basic calculator could see the NBN project was bound for failure. And the incumbant Governments track record only reinforced our feelings. Recently the Senate Committe critisied the Government for not releasing a report in time for… View Article

The hidden politics

See Article: Telstra criticises NBN Co business case: report You know there’s hidden politics… in everything really. Out in the open, Optus was very critical of the NBN until a deal was announced with Optus, AAPT was very strong in critisisms against the NBN plan. It’s very reavealing when the hidden politics surface. “Mr Stanhope… View Article

The Changing Political Landscape

Let’s not get too political. But the chances of the current Government dropping out are very real. The alternative party are against the current NBN plan, and it could very well be wound back over the coming years. So what does this mean for this campaign? We still need to see through an alternative plan,… View Article

Advances in Fibre Optics

See Article: Twisted light could boost fibre speeds I half expected Sen. Conroy to jump on such an announcement, I’m sure many in communications forums have. So why am I not trying to attack it? Because I’m not against fibre optics, it’s a great technology. When applied economically. In LAN, you’ll see fibre optics used… View Article

Pie in the face for Steven Conroy

See Article: Wireless Challenge to Future Proof NBN We saw it with CSIROs NGARA and gigabit technology, we see it with surging worldwide mobile internet statistics, we’re seeing it with 4G LTE-A, and several other more technical advancements. And now we have the mother of all wireless developements which is sure to embarass Conroy and… View Article