End of Broadband Wars

see article: http://www.afr.com/technology/nbns-bill-morrow-calls-end-of-the-broadband-technology-wars-20160205-gmmxrm [MTM] does it faster, it does it cheaper. Yeah, there is a bit more pain in the neck maintenance with it, and if we ultimately need to get fibre closer to everybody’s house we will need to go back and retrofit again … but the logic here is that you don’t spend what you… View Article

Copper continues to deliver with G.Fast

see http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/in-depth/nbn-co-conducts-first-gfast-trial/story-fnw66tov-1227576646133 I cannot stress enough the economic ramifications of replacing copper that passes into the home. Running lines of fibre down a street is one thing, but running from there into each home represents a nightmare of private property consent, broken driveways which need to be repaired, and conduits made of asbestos. That’s why… View Article

Haters going to hate FTTN

It has been a while since I’ve posted an update, and a lot has happened in the past year. One criticism persists in the NBN debate, despite the facts. That Fibre to the Node (FTTN) is inferior to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). As with all comparisons there are pros and cons, and as with… View Article

NBN – Geelong can wait

Locally in Geelong, Cr Rod McDonald has been campaigning tirelessly, true to his convictions to get federal upgrades to internet in Geelong as soon as possible. Near the end of 2014, NBN Co announced roll-out locations for the next couple of years. Although they include Ocean Grove / Barwon Heads, the central areas of Geelong are absent… View Article

Labor Government misled about Wireless technology

see Labor told of $31bn NBN risk [Paywall] Guess what happens when you promise economic benefits from a project which almost certainly cannot deliver – spin and secrets. A SECRET review of the NBN prepared for the Gillard government almost three years ago estimated it would leave taxpayers up to $31 billion worse off… I certainly suspected… View Article

Affordability still the biggest broadband problem

see Low-income Australians unacceptably internet deprived This information isn’t new, so I’m not going to find and quote all of their reported findings. But bravo for publishing it CNET! It confuses me why the journalist put this in this article: A study by Ericsson, released earlier this month, shows that upgrading from 0.5Mbps to 4Mbps increases monthly household… View Article

Journalists wake up to new NBN era

see I must say, I am quite relieved by this considered article from Bartholomeusz, I hope many more journalists start to see the sound reasoning behind Turnbull’s policy. Cost is the most important factor, not speed, in terms of access for all Australians. Turnbull knows this and I hope journalists will all see this over… View Article

U.S. on the verge of innovative revolution

One of my ideas – don’t think I ever wrote an article about it – has been to build a wholesale 4G network in Australia, whether that means. Of course that was before the incumbants began building their own separate 4G networks and before the government sliced and sold off new whitespace spectrum to the… View Article

More cost blowouts – $5bn

See Contractor demands cause $5 billion NBN blowout Partners in Performance and McKinsey & Co, tasked with revisiting many of the construction methods used by the company…. McKinsey & Co co-authored the government-commissioned $25 million NBN implementation study with KPMG in 2010, which established many of the assumptions NBN Co has built its business plan on…. View Article

Geelong CBD could have had 100mbps by now

See this product: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002CLKFTG According to the product description, Geelong could have had 100mbps speeds over copper by now for a price close to $300 for equipment per premises. All I would need to do, is install one device in my office, and have one installed in the telephone exchange. Simple. (In reality, an ISP would purchase… View Article