5G doesn’t need Fibre to the Home

see MOBILE FIRST, FIBRE TO THE 5G from CommsDay (PayWall) – and link to report [http://www.commcham.com/ft5g/] Editor Grahame Lynch has identified some clarity emerging in the telecommunications industry. Brian Williomson, from Deutsche Telekom has contradicted group think which has prevailed for some time, about the need for FTTH to achieve high capacity mobile internet. Grahame writes: There’s… View Article

Who knew satellite had so much potential?

see http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/11/spacex-plans-worldwide-satellite-internet-with-low-latency-gigabit-speed/ If we were living in the 60s and satellite communication was just becoming a thing, you would think you could firmly place your bets (or investments) in a future of orbital communication (and later internet). The reality today is the latency is terrible, and the bandwidth wanting. With geo-stationary orbits, the satellites are simply… View Article

Where is the demand?

see http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/609824/broad-industry-support-nbn-pricing-revamp-bill-morrow-says This is why “goldplated” fibre is not needed everywhere just over half .. using 25/5Mbps connections 31% are using 12/1Mbps 13% are using 100/40Mbps 4% are using 50/20Mbps Here’s my psychology breakdown 25/5 – “That’s fast enough to watch NetFlix and I never have buffering problems, I want plenty of download cap” 12/1 – “Internet is… View Article

Google might be using pCell

see https://www.wired.com/2016/06/googles-webpass-buy-points-way-speedier-internet-everyone/ I missed this, it was published months ago – this is huge. Google just bought a small Internet service provider called Webpass .. Webpass is helping to test something called pCell Need I say more? Well you could brush up on your pCell history here – http://blog.alivate.com.au/revisiting-dido-wireless/  

Shared Mobile for Emergency Services

see http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/telstra-spruiking-new-mobile-service-dedicated-to-emergency-workers-ahead-of-bushfire-season/news-story/0562dcfd3448a448e6db72f8c630c7ce I noted this a few years ago, when Police were misinformed and asking for their own dedicated spectrum and LTE network. I thought I wrote about it back then, but maybe not. Technology changes, and LTE (and engineering in general), has the ability to reliably enforce priority service to certain customers. It makes sense… View Article

5G is two generations since CEO Quigley

[Update – Link to my prior article] Three years ago I wrote: http://nbnoptions.org/5g-game-over/ 5G signals a powerful future for mobile wireless and the final nail in the coffin for NBN The coffin wasn’t in reference to the NBN company, but rather the insistence by industry and commentators to pursue Fibre-only at any cost. Everyone knows technology… View Article

The last 200 metres

I brought up mainstream media’s hate of anything that isn’t FTTP. It’s a real problem. So I thought I would follow up with some education for those who don’t understand the problem called the Last 200 metres. see article: http://www.onlinereporter.com/2014/10/15/g-fast-is-here-ultra-broadband-for-the-masses/ That graphic which compares FTTH >$1500 vs G.Fast <$300 is very clear. It honestly reads like… View Article

FttDP – What and Where

see article: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/gadgets-on-the-go/nbn-trials-faster-fttdp-but-malcolm-turnbull-wont-kill-fttn-20160321-gnn0ty.html NBNCo is releasing information about success in trials of a relatively new type of communication prouduct, being dubbed Fibre to the Distribution Point. Well in technical speak it’s actually G.Fast, I wrote about it in October last year. This open presentation gives you a good illustration of what it is. It will… View Article

pCell will make FTTP redundant

see http://blog.alivate.com.au/revisiting-dido-wireless/ I have been monitoring the pCell technology for around 5 years now, and it’s only yesterday that I the massive potential for pCell I saw before has multiplied even more! pCell will unlock ALL spectrum for mobile wireless You read that correctly. Telstra may have a few blocks and Optus some others, but most goes… View Article

1Gbps Mobile

see article: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/mwc-2016-telstra-announces-1gbps-network-coming-in-2016-20160222-gn0s3y.html Telstra will launch a 1Gbps network..in late 2016..maximum upload speeds of 150Mbps..will include a Netgear/Telstra 1Gbps hotspot device In case you missed it, this is huge. This shows the rapid progress of wireless technology, which at the time of NBN Mk I, was very much in its infancy. The NBN religion gave Telstra… View Article