Steve Baxter compares NBN fibre advocates to anti-vaxxers, suggests his issue fix

Steve Baxter compares NBN fibre advocates to anti-vaxxers, suggests his issue fix Fibre entrepreneur Steve Baxter has compared the NBN fibre vs copper debate to the anti-vaccination cause and says the real problem with NBN Co is a pricing regime which encourages highly contended use of the access network. Speaking to the Men2 podcast last… View Article

NBN Co accused of failing to take 5G threat seriously

NBN Co, the government-owned corporation responsible for building and operating the fixed-line National Broadband Network, expressed little concern in its annual report released last Wednesday, burying its single mention of 5G deep in the report, where it described it as a “central challenge” but did not elaborate. AFR First up, NBN Co cannot be blamed… View Article

The media is slowly waking up to 5

see This article is the second which demonstrates the media gradually realising the power of wireless. 3.5G showed people wanted mobile broadband, 4G was actually enough to threaten any network like NBN, and 5G is too much to ignore for journalists who must now concede that FTTP and FTTN is (and was always) under… View Article

5G is the new “Gutenberg Press”

see The memo dramatically claims that the move from 4G to 5G is such “a fundamental shift in wireless infrastructure” that it is “more like the invention of the Gutenberg press than the move from 3G to 4G.” The article is about a broader security US Government memo which discusses nationalising the coming 5G infrastructure…. View Article

5G Hype is Growing

see It looks like Verizon is planning for a “Poles-and-Wires” deployment, similar to what HFC is in a way. This will be a FTTN killer. The appetite for 5G is ferocious. Verizon is even guessing and gambling on their own V5g standard before 5G standalone is completed. If you want to see the future,… View Article

White open spaces for rural broadband

see whitepaper from Microsoft: and write up from Ars Technica: Important points: Royalty free patents from Microsoft 600MHZ frequency range – whitespace left freed from sunsetting of analogue TV bands “enables wireless signals to travel over hills and through buildings and trees” 14MHz for unlicensed use The links are well worth visiting, but here’s another… View Article

Some think Fibre Optics are always the answer

see Satellites are making a comeback. SpaceX wants to launch thousands to serve the internet, and now we see they work best for global Quantum Entangled Encryption networks. Once the thin thick atmosphere is cleared, the upper atmosphere is very clean and transparent, especially compared to a communications fibre. I’m actually still a bit… View Article

Mobile will take over fixed-line market

see We think fixed wireless access is one of the services, but we call 5G a mobile network service—just like 4G It’s certainly still a cellular service, but with a single fast mobile internet plan, the writing is on the wall, with more spectrum allowing hundreds of GB of monthly use, mobile carriers will… View Article

What is “Nation Building”?

I can’t claim to understand the full frustration of rural broadband, but I’m not convinced that rural demand led to an inescapable NBN conclusion. The second child of the NBN family, Mark II, was conceived midair around 2007. I was about 21, and couldn’t grow a beard. The NBN was described as Nation Building. I… View Article

Voice over WiFi is great, but not a revolution

see Optus launches native Voice over Wi-Fi from CommsDay (PayWall) Just a quick comment. This is really good, that an Australian ISP is choose to provide such a service. There will be many useful scenarios for this. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for mobile cellular networks. 4G/5G and new spectrum appear to… View Article