Voice over WiFi is great, but not a revolution

see Optus launches native Voice over Wi-Fi from CommsDay (PayWall) Just a quick comment. This is really good, that an Australian ISP is choose to provide such a service. There will be many useful scenarios for this. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for mobile cellular networks. 4G/5G and new spectrum appear to… View Article

5G doesn’t need Fibre to the Home

see MOBILE FIRST, FIBRE TO THE 5G from CommsDay (PayWall) – and link to report [http://www.commcham.com/ft5g/] Editor Grahame Lynch has identified some clarity emerging in the telecommunications industry. Brian Williomson, from Deutsche Telekom has contradicted group think which has prevailed for some time, about the need for FTTH to achieve high capacity mobile internet. Grahame writes: There’s… View Article